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Friday, May 20, 2011

Music Update! Soundcloud Audio

Hey everyone! I'm back with a music update. 

All these songs are works in progress and it showcases alot of the plug-ins and editing software within FL Studio 9. I hope you enjoy and make sure to critique. Post some of your music and I'll check it out.

A Vida é Morte

A very dark sound scape. This is inspired by 80's and 90's horror films. I have been very found of horror ambient music in the past years. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. This has received very little mastering and editing. Most of this is improve.

A Vida é Morte by GhostxNote

Goobers Waltz 

 A Hip-hop/dubbystep type song I started a couple days ago.

Goobers Waltz by GhostxNote

Guerilla in the Sandbox 

 Fun little tune I made up. Very rough idea, hopefully I can make this into something a little serious yet playful 

Guerilla in the Sandbox by GhostxNote

Dark Beat

Bored at 3AM and i'm in a dark mood. This is the result of that.

Dark Beat by GhostxNote

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dubstep: A Giant Step in Electronic Music

Hello Everyone,

Over the following weeks I have been introduced to an interesting sub genre of Dubstep. I think soon enough it wont be considered a sub genre since its inspiring thousands of bedroom producers to create computer music.

  My friends have introduced me to Skrillex, Breakage, Skream, Break Science (You all should check these guys out.)

I am all for a genre of music that inspires people to create and innovate. I believe that is what everyone needs in there life. So please check these guys out.

brb, installing Ableton Live and mixing my field samples :)