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Friday, May 20, 2011

Music Update! Soundcloud Audio

Hey everyone! I'm back with a music update. 

All these songs are works in progress and it showcases alot of the plug-ins and editing software within FL Studio 9. I hope you enjoy and make sure to critique. Post some of your music and I'll check it out.

A Vida é Morte

A very dark sound scape. This is inspired by 80's and 90's horror films. I have been very found of horror ambient music in the past years. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. This has received very little mastering and editing. Most of this is improve.

A Vida é Morte by GhostxNote

Goobers Waltz 

 A Hip-hop/dubbystep type song I started a couple days ago.

Goobers Waltz by GhostxNote

Guerilla in the Sandbox 

 Fun little tune I made up. Very rough idea, hopefully I can make this into something a little serious yet playful 

Guerilla in the Sandbox by GhostxNote

Dark Beat

Bored at 3AM and i'm in a dark mood. This is the result of that.

Dark Beat by GhostxNote


  1. This is your stuff? Not bad