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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introduction to Computer Music: Plug-Ins

      In this 2nd blog post, I will discuss the ever expanding world of DAW plug-ins!

     There are so many out there, ranging from just a couple megabytes to a 500GB library of pinpoint accurate and dynamic samples. I will discuss VST plug-ins and Mastering/EQing plug-ins in this article.

Plug-ins are little pieces of software that attach to the DAW. You can access and open software within the DAW to use it with your MIDI Controller ( A external hardware device that controls plug-ins/MIDI software) or Sampling Pad (An Electronic Percussive Device used the same was as a MIDI Controller).

Of course there are many uses for plug-ins and there are thousands of them out there. A lot of them are free to download and they are relatively easy to install.

*You can even pick up a disc of plug-in software at your local music store if they have a Pro-Audio section.*

VST Plug ins:

VST (Virtual Instrument) is a plug in that try's to mimic and simulate a real instrument. With the way technology

is growing, these virtual instruments are beginning to sound like the real deal!

Here is a short list of VST plug-ins that I have used and can recommend to you.


Addictive Drums



Guitar Rig 4

Steinbergs Virtual Guitarist

Refx´s Slayer


Synthology's Ivory

Labordance stage piano

Mda piano


EastWest EW-178 Quantum Leap

East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs

Other Plug-ins:

Not all DAW plug-ins are VST. There are plug ins out there that can add effects and more mastering/EQing options, which will in tern effect the overall end product of your song. All these plug-ins are just waiting to be downloaded so go ahead and try as many as your hard-drive can handle!!!


  1. I have always wanted to buy instrument expansions for garageband, but its like $30 for 10 instruments that I may never use! I never know what to do. I am going to tag this post for later reference. Thanks for the info dude.

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