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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introduction to Computer Music: DAWs

Hello Everyone!

This is my new Blog and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for taking an interest in this topic. Creating music is becoming easier and easier to make with all the software coming out.

You don't even need to dish out thousands of dollars on high end recording equipment or instruments! 

Everything can be done with a piece of software and a computer. In this blog i will inform you in all the things you will need to get started on making music from your computer! 

Without further ado, lets get started!

What are DAWs?

Daws (Digital Audio Workstation) is going to be your epicenter of musical creations. This software is going to be the mother ship for all your plug-ins
(extension software).

Daws also give you create space to work and organize your library of tracks and samples. Daw software is essential in your path to create music on your computer

Here are some Free and/or Payed Daws that you can use.

NOTE!: Free DAWs have excellent support from open-sources coders around the world! However payed DAWs offer best results in creating computer music and I encourage buying a good solid DAW, suggestions below.




Garage Band (MAC only)

Reaper (trial)


Fruity Loops Studio



Pro Tools



  1. I use garageband, a mic, and a midi keyboard. I can make songs with drum tracks, violins, piano, guitar, and vocals without even getting out of my seat! Music sure is easy these days.

  2. interesting, was planning to make music with my friends

  3. nice workplace! just keep it clean, this is my big problem ^^

  4. I already spent 1,000$ on equipment haha.